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Top Benefits of Partnering with a Managed Service Provider Program

What is an MSP Program?

A Managed Service Provider (MSP) program is a highly effective way for companies to manage their contingent workforce, including temporary employees, contractors, consultants, and even resources engaged under a statement of work (SOW) employment arrangement. It is made up of three key components, people, technology and process, that work in concert to provide efficiencies and oversight through a strategic workforce ent, human resources, and/or other workforce administration departments. It manages the entire talent lifecycle, from hiring and onboarding to invoicing and payroll, through a technology platform called a vendor management system (VMS). The VMS acts as a center of operations resource connector, providing you complete visibility into your company’s contingent workforce symphony.

Dahl Consulting’s (DAHL’s) MSP programs are customized to your company’s specific employment needs by delivering unsurpassed talent administration through a streamlined process, improved regulatory compliance, and ultimate visibility. With a carefully designed and consistent process, an MSP program offers you improved decision-making and complete control around your contingent workforce, in real-time.

With DAHL as your MSP partner, we can build a tailored, transparent program that fits your culture and aligns with your company’s workforce goals.

How does an MSP Work?

DAHL’s MSP team becomes an active and key player within a company’s contingent workforce program. We offer full visibility and control of your contingent workforce and suppliers through our VMS technology. Within an MSP program, all requests, vendors, workers, timesheets, and employment costs are captured, managed, and tracked through a single process and technology platform. This includes all temporary employees, contractors, consultants, and resources engaged under an SOW employment arrangement, allowing an enterprise-level view of all workforce activity.

DAHL’s MSP team works with your company to create standardized contracts for your contingent employment (staffing) partner network. All staffing partners are governed by the

same terms, providing contract consistency and reducing exposure to employment risk. Utilizing our VMS technology, the MSP team is tasked with monitoring the day-to-day management of the program, facilitating tasks such as requisition processing, supply chain management, transactional reporting, analytics, and more.

Top Benefits of having a Managed Service Provider Program

  1. Streaming | Achieve a more efficient and effective process to request and engage a contingent workforce

  2. Accessing | Obtain new talent populations to drive higher value candidates to your opportunities

  3. Improving | Advance the hiring manager and candidate experience during the recruiting process

  4. Enhancing | Enrich the candidate quality, time to fill metrics, and retention of your contingent workforce

  5. Expanding | Increase your supplier process compliance and visibility into the cost of talent

  6. Standardizing | Regulate contract terms and conditions that fit into specific guidelines and requirements, improving decision-making around your contingent workforce in real-time

  7. Reducing | Decrease invoice management and process burden to lower contingent workforce costs

  8. Optimizing | Augment your supplier base to leverage volume spend discounts and increase profitability

Why partner with DAHL?

  • Woman Owned | Our company is a certified women-owned business (WBE), so your company’s investment with us counts toward diversity spend goals.

  • Decades of Expertise | DAHL has been offering Managed Service Provider (MSP) program services to businesses of all sizes for over 20 years and is also backed by the vast employment-related knowledge.

  • Manager Experience | From sourcing contractors, to onboarding and offboarding them, our MSP team creates a great experience that makes the entire process a breeze.

  • Change Management | Our MSP team helps business clients transition their contingent workforce through internal buy-in and outstanding customer service.

  • Service Scalability | Rest assured that as your company’s MSP program needs to grow or change, we are structured to adapt and flex with you.

Connect with DAHL’s employment experts and we’ll help you evaluate if an MSP program with VMS technology would be a strategic workforce solution for your company.


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