Managed Services Program

Do you maximize the leverage of your spend?


How Important Is It?

Many companies continue to focus on their core competencies and rely on outsourced partnerships to provide subject matter expertise in areas of weakness. Contract and contract-orary labor is an area with a large spend and is often a key focus. APRU has established relationships with companies providing Managed Service Programs for their client programs. All of our Solutions Partners utilize our industry best practices and expertise to provide best-in-class programs.


The Sourcing Process

Meet your managers' need for speed and quality when hiring contract and consulting talent by allowing them to create their requirements which will be instantly broadcast to your preferred staffing vendors for immediate review. Now your staffing partners can quickly review the requirement and submit scored candidates for consideration directly to the manager's desktop where they are organized and sorted by rates and matching qualities. This allows your hiring managers to receive real-time submissions from your staffing partners, creates competition among your vendor network, and simplifies the staffing process for your managers.

Contract Management

Easily manage all your preferred and approved staffing vendor contracts (both master contracts and associated work orders) that will allow you to have real-time visibility into the contract activity within your company. By putting the requirements and work orders within your APRU portal, you can both simplify the contract creation and approval process, along with securing contractual compliance with your vendor community. APRU manages your contingent and contract talent pool in a similar way to your full-time resources.

Time & Invoice Process

Take control and automate the time gathering and invoice processing through your APRU portal. Your contract workers will enter their billable time through the portal and submit time for managers to review and approve quickly online. Once completed, the associated staffing vendors are notified to upload their invoice information online, helping you to not only simplify the time and invoicing process with your contractors, hiring managers, and vendors, but now you can also have complete spend visibility. APRU configures your invoice approval process and can integrate to your accounts payable system for seamless integration to your internal systems.

The Results

  • Automated requisition distribution

  • Configure workflow to your process

  • Enhance collaboration with staffing vendors

  • Vendor contracts management conformance

  • Streamline time entry/invoice/payment process

  • Access to measurement & reporting tools

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