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Workforce Audit

What are you spending on contract labor?

Why Do It?

There is not enough time in a day to analyze the current status of your contingent labor workforce. Not just to make an assessment based on an Accounts Payable report, but look into all aspects of your program to determine if you are maximizing your economic investment while being as efficient as possible to get your tasks accomplished. Agreed

The Sourcing Process

The Workforce Audit is typically completed in 45 days. An online portal is explicitly configured to your company. Your suppliers then register their company and enter all of the details of their current engagements into the portal. The compiled data will be presented to you in a formal business review and will include a complete set of reports for additional analysis.

The business review will address your current labor rates and skills utilization. These categories will be reviewed across current engagements using similar skills as well as compared to current market rate data. The review will also analyze usage across departments and your suppliers. The results of the audit will allow you to chart the right course for your contingent labor program.

The Results

Connect with our VMS experts to experience our technology and put APRU to work for you!

Visibility into all active engagements across all suppliers & skill categories

Data entry & registration distributed to vendor participation

Quickly gather & audit all master contracts

Minimal client time required

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