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Certified WBENC Womenn's Business Enterp
APRU is proud to be a WBENC certified Woman Owned Business Enterprise.

A technology platform to find, employ and oversee your contingent labor.

You need a solution that specializes in automation that centralizes, streamlines, tracks, and brings consistency to your Contingent Workforce Program and closes the talent gaps in your employment strategy.

APRU (Advanced Platform | Resources Unlimited) is a technology platform backed by industry experts that provides your business access to a Vendor Management System (VMS) which addresses the needs of organizations seeking to centralize, streamline, and track their non-employee population.

At APRU, our primary focus is people. The key to being a true VMS partner is sourcing the right employment resources, ensuring engagement throughout the contingent lifecycle, and measuring performance. Our technology cultivates relationships between staffing vendors and businesses, increasing visibility, collaboration, and success!

Make better workforce decisions faster!


Drives Vendors to work

in a more steadfast

manner on your requests when communicated in

a consistent and predictable manner.


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CONSISTENT COMMUNICATION | Vendors work harder and faster on your requests when communicated to in a consistent and predictable manner.



Develop a strategy to prepare to reduce the adverse effects on business.



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REDUCE RISK | This may be the most significant element. Corporations are required, now more than ever, to minimize risk.



Manage projected spend with billing visibility, detailed breakdowns of expenditures, and provide greater control and policy enforcement.


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TOTAL TRANSPARENCY | Stay within projected spend with billing visibility, detailed breakdowns of expenditures and provider contract management.



APRU is a Cloud-based VMS accessible from any browser and is optimized for mobile devices with 99.9% uptime allowing

you to complete projects

on time and on budget

without any unnecessary 

interruptions or delays.



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MINIMAL DISRUPTION | Ultimately, you need to get your projects completed on time and on budget… without any unnecessary disruption or delays.



Effective management is achieved by staying in complete control of and having immediate access to your budget contingent labor data.



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IMMEDIATE VISIBILITY | Effective management is achieved by staying in complete control of and having immediate access to your budget data.



APRU is a cloud-based VMS and is accessible from any browser or mobile device.



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24/7/365 AVAILABILITY | Accessing your data and completing your management tasks on your schedule requires system flexibility and availability.


All vendor management systems are not created equal.

While workforce solutions platforms may have similar service offerings - distributing job orders, expediting the interview and hiring process, tracking labor time and expense, as well as facilitating approval and payments - APRU is different.

We position client companies and staffing vendors for success.

How? Our mission is to create a better environment for workforce collaboration using technology that creates efficiency without the usual and customary challenges of entering into an MSP/VMS partnership.

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Today's hiring arena is a fast-paced, dynamic environment that requires quick reflexes and rapid deployment. APRU provides the ability to implement custom solutions to effectively meet the demands of a diverse contingent labor workforce.

This technology is an easy-to-use, data-based platform enabling customized workflows to meet your Contingent Workforce Program requirements. APRU can be integrated into various applicant tracking, HRIS, ERP, and/or financial systems.

APRU accepts data imports from a variety of external timekeeping platforms. This approach alleviates the time-consuming and costly process often caused by attempting third-party integrations.

​Our goal is to make workforce technology more efficient, not more complicated!


Reliable Support

Our technology is backed by a team of employment experts who are dedicated to your business' success.

Rapid Installation

Your site configured with your brand and ready to work for you within ten business days guaranteed.

Real Savings

Start saving real dollars on day one. Our clients save an average of 12%‒15% on their contingent labor spend.

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